Back-to-School– Are you freaking out yet?

Ahh. The sweet joys of returning to school. Whether you’re going into your first year of high school (welcome to the world of cliques.) or your first year of uni, this time is very stressful on your wallets, for your brain, and for your skin. (Research proves that stress is a leading cause for breakouts… As if you didn’t already know!) This is also a very frazzling time for that fashionista inside of you. You don’t have time to read up on trends, you’re too shy to set your own, or you simply don’t care or don’t have enough moolah*. Guess what? This week I’ll be posting up HUNDREDS of photos of trendsetters, ideas for that fab back-to-school first day, and hairstyles that inspired moi!

*Moolah: a synonym of money.

Welcome to Laura’s Fashion Blog.

Hi everyone, it’s Laura.

You probably don’t know me yet but I’m just your average, shopaholic teenage fashionista, keeping up on all the latest trends, and setting my own trends as well!

Of course I might create more categories as I become more and more famous (tee-hee). Or not. I don’t know~

I act on impulse. I sometimes make rash decisions, I don’t always follow up on my promises, and I make mistakes. But hey! This is life.

Venture into my blog for fashion, style, and life.